About Martin


Martin is the founder and senior tutor of MARTIN TUTORIALS. He was born in Southern Africa and moved to Toronto at age nineteen. Martin has personally taught math for over 18 years.

His experience includes:

- Four years teaching diverse students for a very reputable tutoring school.

- Selected to teach learning techniques for a school of study strategies.

- Working for another organization, Martin taught chess to thousands of young
   enthusiasts in over forty different elementary schools in the Greater Toronto Area.


Martin never claims to have obtained the best grades in town; at teaching math and truly understanding student needs, he is exceptional. His broad concept of teaching and personal experience has allowed him to adapt to nearly every type of student. His experience has included both gifted and learning disabled students. Martin stresses that it is quite possible for a student to be both gifted and Learning Disabled. He uses Albert Einstein to illustrate this. Martin has also written an article for a community newsletter regarding ADHD.


                                                     Martin's Education

Degree/Diploma   Specialty                      Academic Institution                               City            Date of Award
C.P.O.                  (Programming)                Seneca College                                             Toronto      1990
B.A.                      (Math for Commerce)    York University                                          Toronto      1996

Martin has also passed two exams (P-Probability and FM-Financial Math) governed by the Society of Actuaries. (1)

He has also succesfully completed many mathematics courses by Distance Education via University of Waterloo.

(1) The  Society of Actuaries  is based in Illinois. Martin wrote the exams in Toronto. 


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